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VAST DataStore

Unconventional Thinking for Unstructured Data

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VAST DataStore

No more band-aids, compromises, or tiers

VAST Data was founded on the idea that the future of artificial intelligence must be built upon fast infrastructure that allows for AI engines to process data at any scale.

To fulfill this vision, we’ve engineered the first new distributed system architecture in 20 years with the mission to eliminate compromise and unify storage environments into a single scalable, affordable and resilient tier of flash.

Once your archive is built from flash, you no longer need additional tiers of infrastructure above it. No more hard drives. No more tiers. Storage is now just universal and simple.

Redefining Flash Economics​

DASE efficiency algorithms bring the cost of flash in-line with HDD storage. Similarity delivers world-leading data reduction. New Erasure Codes minimize the overhead of failure protection. New QLC flash management protects QLC for a decade.​

Edge-to-Cloud Global Namespace​

The VAST DataSpace is designed to provide global data access across all the locations you compute. A decentralized approach to distributed locking makes it possible to transact with performance and consistency at the edge.​

Simple & Scalable Snapshots​

We’ve pioneered new data structures that make it possible to easily snapshot data even at exabyte scale. VAST Snapshots never require data copies, so performance is never impacted. Easily take and replicate 100,000s of snaps at any system depth.​

Eliminate Refreshes & Migrations​

VAST’s asymmetric cluster architecture can combine multiple generations of flash and CPU hardware into a single cluster without exposing tiering complexity to users. This approach eliminates hardware refresh cycles and painful data migrations.​

Flexible Quality-of-Service​

The DataStore features multiple levels of QOS to enable scalable service delivery and infrastructure consolidation. Logical and HW-based QOS tools make it possible to either govern or isolate I/O flows from noisy neighbors or whole compute clusters.​

Better for the Environment​

VAST-powered systems are simply better for the environment. VAST’s efficiency algorithms provide absolute storage-level power savings, and by enabling real-time I/O even down to the archive…VAST systems save on compute power too.​

Purpose built for all your data

Imagine the possibilities if you had the freedom to use your data anyway you wanted. If your application could instantly access all the data it needs from a pool of all the images, files, and data you own. If you could linearly scale performance and capacity as needed from petabytes to exabytes at the cost of an archive.

The VAST Data story started with the DataStore: an enterprise network attached storage platform built to meet the needs of today’s powerful AI computing architectures and beyond.

Unlocking Storage Excellence

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