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VAST DataSpace

Say Goodbye to Data Gravity

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VAST DataSpace

Say Goodbye to Data Gravity

VAST Data Platform has been available through manufacturing and systems partners to deploy enterprise-grade infrastructure in your core and edge datacenters, in both ruggedized and non-ruggedized environments.

Now the VAST Data Platform is available through various Cloud Service Providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. With VAST DataSpace, customers are able to seamlessly move their data to where it needs to be without having to use third party software or maintain complex data orchestration environments.

Your data is where it needs to be, when it needs to be.

Decentralized Lock Management

Locks are distributed to each node that needs it and are established at a very granular level on elements (files, objects, tables). This provides high transactional performance without having to check with a central repository.

Global Data Reduction

VAST’s Similarity-Based data reduction combines the global nature of deduplication with the fine granularity of compression across your entire global namespace.​

Fine-grained Lease Revocation

Before writes are performed, VAST DataSpace will ensure all cached copies of that element are removed and reference the locking site until the write is completed. This ensures high transactional performance while maintaining write consistency.

Massive Scale

VAST clusters can be built to support well over an exabyte of data capacity. Today, several customers run clusters over 100PB in size​

Global Namespace

VAST DataSpace enables any or all of your data to be accessible anywhere you need it to be, without having to use third party software or complex data orchestration logic. Whether it’s in your core or edge datacenters, or in your cloud service provider, VAST will ensure your data will be where it needs to be.​

Path-based Synchronization

Any number of sites can subscribe to any paths from any other site ensuring data is available where it needs to be, without having to unnecessarily synchronize unnecessary data.

Breaking the tradeoffs between performance and consistency.

VAST had to completely rethink how lock management was done across hybrid environments.  Existing implementations were optimized for read-centric workloads and fall flat with transactional workloads.​

VAST DataSpace decentralizes and moves the lock management down to the element-level (file, object, table) and allows for the lock to be held by the VAST cluster doing the transaction.​

Reads can achieve peak performance while writes maintain consistency because before writes are executed by a VAST cluster, it will ensure that all globally cached copies of that element are removed and any references will be directed to the locking cluster until the transaction is complete.

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