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VAST - PNY Enterprise Storage Solutions

Unlock the Future of Enterprise Storage with PNY Technologies and VAST Data: Your AI Transformation Starts Here

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Harness the power of VAST Data ecosystem

The VAST Data Platform is the foundation trusted by world leading AI research teams to deliver the scale, speed, and reliability needed to train neural networks and infer in real time. VAST enables greater statistical accuracy by removing the barriers to training on all of an organization’s data at any scale.

Lightning-fast AI processing
Scalable infrastructure
Seamless VAST Data integration

Discover our VAST solutions

VAST DataStore

Unconventional Thinking​ for Unstructured Data​

VAST DataSpace

Say Goodbye to Data Gravity

VAST DataBase

Turning The Tables On Databases


Bringing the Best Tech to our customers

A Unified, Multi-Protocol Platform

A unified multi-protocol platform for unstructured (NFS, SMB, and S3) and structured data (native SQL applications and query engines like Spark and Trino).

AI-Optimized Client Access

With support for RDMA and GPUDirect Storage access, VAST’s NAS experience delivers the performance of a parallel file system without any of the parallel file system complexity.

Multi-Tenant Infrastructure

Dedicate front-end servers and the performance they provide to the most critical projects. VAST’s server pooling capability provides dedicated Quality of Service for competing projects.

Simplified Data Pipelines

Eliminate time-consuming data copy workflows with all data available in real-time plus high-performance access via Infiniband and Ethernet.

Built-in Feature Catalog

The VAST DataBase enables a real time data catalog for deep analytic queries on training data and machine learning derived metadata.

Global Namespace

Simplify data access from anywhere with a single global namespace across cloud, edge, and core.

Reference Architecture

HPC performance meets enterprise simplicity

Gemini Consumption Model

Not all customers operate at hyperscale computing levels, but Gemini provides everyone the same cost visibility and buying power that hyperscaler cloud providers use to build their clouds. Gemini disaggregates the hardware and software purchase process to provide all the advantages of a software defined business model, with none of the integration and deployment complexity.

Disaggregated Hardware Sourcing
Cost-optimized Performance & Efficiency
Asymmetric Scalability
Infinite Storage Lifecycle

Unlocking Storage Excellence

Discover the power of seamless storage solutions. Whether you're navigating AI challenges or enhancing data management, connect with our PNY team. Your path to storage excellence starts here.