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EF-SERIES All Flash Arrays

Microsecond response for your demanding applications

EF-series: microsecond response for your demanding applications

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When you need to supercharge performance-sensitive workloads like real-time analytics, HPC, and databases, the price-toperformance benefit of NetApp® EF-Series all-flash arrays
speaks volumes. They deliver microsecond response to your most demanding apps, maximum uptime, and six-nines reliability.


Why EF-Series arrays?

1 – Big data analytics. High-performance computing. Demanding databases. NetApp EF-Series allflash arrays are built for today’s giant workloads (and the even bigger ones to come)

2 – EF-Series arrays combine impressive IOPS, microsecond response times, and incredible throughput capacity, so your most demanding apps never miss a beat. In addition, the EF-Series is powered by NetApp® SANtricity software to give you extensive configuration flexibility, custom performance tuning, and complete control over data placement.

EF-Series AI and BeeGFS

Accelerate time to insight with fast streaming of data to AI applications. Supercharge BeeGFS storage and metadata services


Deploy easily

- Reduce risk with a flexible, validated solution
- Get going faster by eliminating design complexity and guesswork

Unify AI workloads

- Eliminate infrastructure silos
- Flexibly respond to business demands

Deliver the right performance and scalability

- Start small and grow non-disruptively
- Speed results with a high-performance solution

Deliver the performance and scalability your business needs

- Start small and grow non-disruptively
- Get faster results with a high-performance solution

Unlocking Storage Excellence

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