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For the AI Era

Unmatched scalability for AI workloads

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The VAST Data Platform is the foundation trusted by world-leading AI research teams to deliver the scale, speed, and reliability needed to train neural networks and infer in real time. VAST enables greater statistical accuracy by removing the barriers to training on all of an organization’s data at any scale.

VAST DataStore

No more band-aids, compromises, or tiers

VAST Data was founded on the idea that the future of artificial intelligence must be built upon fast infrastructure that allows for AI engines to process data at any scale.

To fulfill this vision, we’ve engineered the first new distributed system architecture in 20 years with the mission to eliminate compromise and unify storage environments into a single scalable, affordable and resilient tier of flash.

Once your archive is built from flash, you no longer need additional tiers of infrastructure above it. No more hard drives. No more tiers. Storage is now just universal and simple.

VAST DataSpace

Your data, your choice of location

VAST Data Platform has been available through manufacturing and systems partners to deploy enterprise-grade infrastructure in your core and edge datacenters, in both ruggedized and non-ruggedized environments. Now the VAST Data Platform is available through various Cloud Service Providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP.

With VAST DataSpace, customers are able to seamlessly move their data to where it needs to be without having to use third party software or maintain complex data orchestration environments.

Your data is where it needs to be, when it needs to be

VAST DataBase

The first synthesized structured & unstructured data platform
The VAST DataBase redefines traditional database tradeoffs by delivering the transactional performance of a database with the query efficiency of an exabyte-scalable data warehouse,
all at the cost of a data lake. Like modern AI applications, the VAST Data Platform supports both unstructured and structured data applications.

Introduced in 2019, VAST’s Multi-Protocol DataStore is the world’s first file and object storage system, blending the performance of all-flash with the economics of an archive. This multiprotocol data management system, supporting NFS, SMB, and S3, is designed to serve diverse data needs.

With the VAST DataBase, unstructured data gets more than a data catalog – the DataBase’s transactional and analytical capabilities lay the foundation for the semantic layer of AI training and inference systems

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